In 2009, Fermín Laborde moved from Trenque Lauquen to Buenos Aires and did not find sandals (Espadrilles/ Alpargatas) he liked. Got tired of looking and asked for a loan of $ 100 to a friend of his to buy several pairs of espadrilles and resell them among his group

That entrepreneur and expeditious spirit remains in QA´s DNA today, in addition to espadrilles, we bring other products like clothing and accessories for the people who love what they do.

We enjoy working to bring clothes and shoes that accompany you in the adventures you want to face. Our priority is oriented to Quality, to Functional and Comfortable products that fit your life, not the other way around!

We share a free and adventurous lifestyle, from someone who enjoys the simple and the extraordinary and this is called “theQAlife”.We want to be with people who know how to find in everyday life moments to enjoy, that is moved by their projects, believes and that  their goals transforms their passion into their vocation.


We love being in the live of people who enjoy what they do and that have a fresh, spontaneous and natural view of life

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  • Diego Agustín Mallmann#chef
  • juanma Juan Martín Zubía#polista
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We believe that QA attitude is contagious and we can see them expand day by day around the world.